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Elegant Kitchen Remodel!

This remodel project beautifully blends modern elements with classic design, resulting in a space that is both inviting and inspiring.


We replaced the dark castle offset cabinets with pristine clean-line white cabinets that brings a sense of freshness and brightness to the room and we reformed the necessary soffit to conform with the cabinetry. Two tall pantry cabinets and a built-in microwave/wall oven cabinet help anchor the space.


A striking light blue island adds a bold pop of color and personality creating a captivating focal point while inviting family and guests to gather around and enjoy moments of togetherness. Removing the prior two island pony walls creates a straight and longer island and allows for additional bar stools to sit at the overhang. The island also offers a two-can trash roll-out and a two-tiered silverware drawer making it as functional as it is stylish.


The backsplash features timeless multi-toned white subway tiles arranged in a classic brick pattern with an elegant accent herringbone inlay above the range that helps adds texture and depth to the kitchen. The glossy finish of the tiles reflects light, further enhancing the sense of brightness and openness in the space.


The main level of the home is now adorned with LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring, offering the perfect combination of beauty and durability. These high-quality floors mimic the look of hardwood while providing easy maintenance and resistance to moisture, making them an ideal choice for a busy kitchen environment.


Every detail of this kitchen remodel has been meticulously planned to ensure both style and functionality. From the coordinating quartz countertops, sleek stainless steel appliances, updated cabinet hardware and new paint colors, all contributes to the overall ambiance of sophistication and comfort.


Complimenting the kitchen, we also remodeled the family room fireplace wall using a marble ledger stone for a modern touch and a new chunky, custom stained mantle with clean lines. The alcove was fitted a base cabinet and a bookcase repeating with the same white cabinetry and quartz countertops as the kitchen. 


The open concept layout of the kitchen seamlessly integrates with the adjacent living and dining areas, creating a sense of connectivity and flow throughout the space. Whether entertaining guests or simply enjoying a quiet family meal, this kitchen offers the perfect setting for memorable moments to unfold.


Check out the before and after photos below!